About us

Hypsy Collective started six years ago in Sydney when I discovered my passion for creating. I began with making jewellery and dreamcatchers, since then Hypsy Collective  has blossomed into a collection of bohemian decor and clothing, both sourced globally and made locally.


Over the past five years we have had an ongoing relationship with our wonderful tapestry producer in Jaipur, India. All tapestries are  handcrafted with traditional block dyeing techniques created by local artisans.  All fabrics are sourced for their quality and beautiful colours.


In the recent months we have been based in Indonesia, creating new relationships with our amazing clothing manufacturers and sourcing all of our bohemian homewares. All of our rattan products are individually hand crafted in Indonesia from the local Ata Tree, using traditional basket weaving techniques. 


Our stand alone store is based in a sleepy beach town called Gisborne, located on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. 


We love that our products are all made from natural materials, whether it's cotton, linen, bamboo, coconut shells, raffia or rattan. We aim to provide our customers with sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Our business is all about human relationships, the friendships we have created over the years with our wonderful producers and the loyalty and support given by our beautiful customers.



Store location:

126 Grey Street,


New Zealand